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Institute of South African Municipal Accounting Officers.

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Establishing and maintaining high standards of professionalism among Municipal Accounting Officers

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A repository for highly competent, professional and ethical municipal accounting officers

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The institute of South African Municipal Accounting Officers (ISAMAO) is a professional organisation for Municipal Managers in South Africa. It was officially launched on 27 November 2014. The aim of the Institute is the professionalisation of the position of the municipal manager. In terms of its Constitution, among others, it aims to ensure that the municipalities’ collective institutional memory is not lost to local government, generally , and to municipalities, specifically, while setting norms, standards and values for Municipal Accounting Officers.

ISAMAO is also propagating the following:

  • Reviewing of the current fixed term appointments of municipal managers and other senior municipal officials to permanent appointment, subject to the relevant legislative framework governing employer-employee relations, including the setting up of a rigorous performance management system to ensure the retention of requisite skills and institutional memory

  • Fostering communication and collaboration with stakeholders, in both private and public sectors, on matters of common interest


Vision  Vision

A repository for highly competent, professional and ethical Municipal Accounting Officers

Vision  Mission

Develop and maintain a system of standards, norms and procedures that will inculcate professionalism among Municipal Accounting Officers thereby enhancing quality service delivery to communities

Vision  Values

  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Quality
  • Diligence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Participation
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism

Vision  Prime Objectives of ISAMAO

Organise local government practitioners in establishing a professional institute for Municipal Managers

Lobby government to enact legislation and adopt policies to professionalise local government management by regulating the registration, appointment and conduct of Municipal Managers or Senior Municipal Officials

Prescribe the academic qualifications and professional training requirements for persons wishing to attain the status of Chartered Municipal Accounting Officer

Involve all stakeholders in local government - including national and provincial spheres of government, councillors, academics, educational and training institutions, and community-based organisations - in playing a meaningful role in ensuring the provision of ethical and professional services to communities throughout the country

Establish and foster relations with continental and international institutes with similar objectives

Collaborate on research and development initiatives; co-design training materials; and develop student mentorship and coaching programmes

Publish and distribute a professional journal and other policy position papers to serve as platform to share information and knowledge among the practitioners and stakeholders


Board  The Board

team 1

Dan Gorbachev Mashitisho


team 1

Amos China Mpela

Deputy Chair

team 1

Nono Dince

Deputy Chair

team 1

Zolile Williams

Deputy Chair

team 1

Johann Mettler

Deputy Chair


Name & Surname


Province / Municipality

1. Dan G. Mashitisho



2. Nono R. Dince

Deputy Chair


3. Zolile Williams

Deputy Chair

Eastern Cape

4. Amos Mpela

Deputy Chair

Northern Cape

5. Johann Mettler

Deputy Chair

Eastern Cape



Name & Surname

Province / Municipality

6. Dr Mpilo Ngubane


7. Toggie Scholtz

Western Cape

8. Zebo Tshetlho


9. Adv. Hugh Mbatha


10. Moppo Mene

Eastern Cape

11. Khaya Ngema


12. TMP Kgoale


13. Tshepo  Bloom

Northern Cape

14. Lindi Modibedi

Free State


 Board Committees


1. Finance Board Committee

Nono Dince (Ms.)

2. Board Committee on Legal & Constitutional

Johann Mettler (Mr.)

3. Board Committee on Stakeholder Relations

Zolile Williams (Mr.)

4. Board Committee on Corporate Administration

Amos Mpela (Mr.)


Name & Surname




Nokuzola Maziko

Acting Senior Manager: Corporate Administration

V. Mashumi

Acting Senior Manager: Research, Legal & Policy



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Our Membership Categories:

Chartered Municipal Accounting Officer

A municipal manager that has been accredited as such within the Institute’s categorisation criteria determined, from time to time, by the institute and applicable legislation

Practicing Municipal Accounting Officer

An incumbent municipal manager at the time of the establishment of the Institute and who falls within the transitional professionalisation phase as determined by the Institute, and applicable legislation

Registered Accredited Manager,

An official in a management position in local government or similar sector aspiring to be a Municipal Manager and having gone through the Institute’s accreditation processes and procedures, all of whom shall be subject to the provisions of the Constitution, and applicable legislation

Prospective Municipal Accounting Officer,

An official in the employ of municipality in any position other than in a position Municipal Manager

 Student Member

Full-time or part-time student registered with any accredited and recognised tertiary educational institution in terms of the prescripts of the Council for Higher Education - or any recognised authoritative body acceptable to the Institute for the purpose - and who is studying towards a qualification in Local Government Management, Local Government Administration, Municipal Administration, Municipal Management or any related qualification and level of study as shall be deemed appropriate by the Institute



Training & Education

  • Members enjoy the guardianship of the Institute as an umbrella body for the profession of Municipal Accounting Officers.
  • Members receive a certificate indicating their level of membership.
  • Members may attend continuous professional education (CPE) training programmes, seminars, workshops, and conferences presented by the Institute at reduced attendance fees.
  • Access to local and national network of contacts and information via members.
  • Inclusion in provincial activities of the Institute, with the opportunity to participate in local meetings, seminars, workshops and research activities.
  • Representation through the Institute on key professional policy bodies.
  • Opportunities to comment on the draft legislation through the Institute.
  • Opportunities to formulate and develop the policies to the Institute.
  • The opportunity to be involved in the decision making bodies of the Institute by being elected.
  • Membership offers stimulation, professional (and personal) enrichment and the opportunity to meet members of the profession on a provincial, national and international level.
  • Members receive the agenda and related reports of the Institute’s Annual General Meetings as well as the agenda and related reports of the annual general meetings of their local provincial forums.

The Career of Municipal Accounting Officer

Local Government affects many aspects of daily life. The services of municipalities are responsible for directly influencing our daily functioning. The water we drink, the light by which learners study, the roads on which we drive, the buildings in which we live and work, the parks in which we relax, the libraries from which we borrow books, the sports fields on which we play, the quality of the food we eat – all of these are the concern of a greater or lesser extent, of the local authority – people whose business it is to see that the many aspects of life, which we tend to take for granted, continue to function smoothly.

Without funds and good administration none of the facilities and services mentioned-above would be possible. The Municipal Accounting Officer and the members of his/her department are responsible for the way money is collected and spent and how the administration is run.

Upon joining the Institute the following training will be offered:

  • Comparative Local Government and Decentralisation
  • Economics and Public Finance
  • Strategic Management, Budgeting and Performance Management
  • Municipal Supply Chain Management
  • Public Utilities and Services Management

The membership of the Institute shall be opened to Municipal Accounting Officers in the Republic of South Africa and shall, subject to the approval of the Board, and become a member on payment of an admission fee to be determined by the Board from time to time.
Every member shall pay a monthly subscription of an amount to be determined from time to time by the Board by not later than the 30th day of each month or alternatively an annual subscription fee to be determined from time to time by not later than the fifteen of January every other calendar year.
Any member in areas with his/her monthly subscription for six consecutive months shall automatically cease to be a member of the Institute and his/her name shall be struck off the register of members. The Board may however, at its discretion, reinstate such a member on payment of the total area amount.

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Graphic design

Stakeholder Framework

South African Local Government Association (SALGA)

Professional Institutes

• Institute of Municipal Finance Officers
• Institute of Municipal Engineers of South Africa
• South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
• Institute for Local Government Management of South Africa

Private sector organisations

Organs of State: Departments, Parastatals and other State Entities

Research and Academic Institutes and Institutions

NGOs, CBOs and CSOs

Regional and Continental Accounting Officers Institutes/Bodies

The Institute will engage with the abovementioned Stakeholders for the purposes of:

  • Supporting and collaboration in knowledge generation, and sharing of information in areas of common interest
  • Forming partnerships for skills transfer, knowledge sharing, financial support, and sharing of best practices
  • Collaboration on research and development; co-designing training and develop programmes; development of curriculum; advocacy; and student mentorship and coaching programmes


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We intend a repository for highly competent, professional and ethical Municipal Accounting Officers.